WAVELINE® Instruments

WAVELINE® Instruments

 The instruments developed in cooperation with Dr. F. A. Poulmaire provide for a wide range of ergonomic advantages and optimizes the handling which enhances the quality of the outcome.

 In comparison to conventional systems the WAVELINE® instruments offer some specific advantages:

WAVELINE® handle
Because of the special WAVELINE® handle different stop positions are possible. As the fingers find a perfect halt in the borehole a twisting of the instrument during use is almost impossible.
Absorption of the blow
Due to the waved handle and to the fact that the user positioned the fingers on one or several depressions, the patients feel the hammer blows during the treatment less intensively than by round and massive instruments. The shock waves will be absorbed by the fingers and the hand. When using the Summers technics 73 % of the patients assessed the treatment with WAVELINE® instruments as more pleasant than using massive instruments with round handle. During the condensation and expansion 61 % patient prefer a treatment with WAVELINE® instruments.*)

Trapped instrument
Trapped instruments can be freed easily by using a second instrument with a careful rotation.

Coloured depth markings
The depth markings are affixed in different colours. The user memorized only the colour of the maximal working depth. A counting of the grooves is not necessary.

WAVELINE® hammer
The WAVELINE® hammer combines the efficacy and the aesthetics of the WAVELINE® Osteotomy instrument set. The position of the fingers is defined clearly. The hammer head can be used either with its metal or silicone end.


The use of the WAVELINE® instruments aims at:

  • increasing the density of poorly mineralised and relatively malleable bone (bone grade D3 and D4) via expansion and condensation, so that reliable results which remain stable long term can be achieved
  • splintering the bone to augment the bony alveolar ridge
  • penetrating the sinus floor in a controlled manner and raising the mucous membrane of the nose, so that adequate amounts of bone augmentation material can be placed to ensure afterwards that the implant is retained firmly.

In the WAVELINE® series we offer the following instruments

  • WAVELINE® osteotomes
  • WAVELINE® bone spreaders
  • WAVELINE® Pin center-punches
  • WAVELINE® mallet
  • Different specially designed sets incl. tray
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